The Heavens are Telling

Practice Tracks for "The Heavens are Telling"

Piano Sound: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Mixdown

Matthew Curtis Versions

Solos: Soprano Solo, Tenor Solo, Bass Solo

Choral Parts: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Mixdown


2015-2016 HarmoniCats

Congratulations to all! Results are here:

Have a great spring break!


Central's Got Talent 2015: Audition Results



The audition results are posted below.

Important information for acts selected for the show:

  1. All members of each act must be academically eligible to perform on 2/26. That is determined by the fourth six-weeks report card.

  2. If selected to perform and you will be using a recorded accompaniment of any kind, you MUST get an MP3 file for it to Mr. Gilmore no later than 1 PM on February 23. You may email the file or bring it by the choir room on a CD or flash drive.

  3. If selected, your act must be present for a tech rehearsal on Tuesday, February 24.
We want to congratulate everyone for auditioning. There were so many talented performers! The judging panel deliberated for hours in making their decision. Congratulations to the following acts for making it into the talent show (in no particular order):


Cheyenne Quintela
Rebekah Coffman
Zoe Flores & Analisa Rios
Michael Oriano
Gracie Drain
Joseph Cortese
Deja Martinez & Nathan Trinidad
Michael Garza
Kertron Mackey
Jonathan Hough
Dakota Wise
EJ Mendoza
Leila Snell
Omar Cervantes
Miranda Montemayor
*Adam Casares
*Morgan Stafford

Individuals with an asterisk next to their name need to see Mr. Gilmore on Monday before final approval of their act.

Everyone will need to confirm their acceptance in the talent show by initialing by their names on the list posted in the choir room on Monday. Failure to do so will result in the act being dropped.



2015 Regional UIL Solo & Ensemble Competition Results

Congratulations to the 62 singers from Central High School who performed a solo in today’s UIL Region 6 Solo and Ensemble Competition at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. 41 soloists were awarded a 1st Division (or Superior) Rating, and 21 were awarded a 2nd Division (or Excellent) Rating.

27 singers from Central High School have earned the opportunity to represent San Angelo and perform at the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Competition at the University of Texas at Austin in May.

The Central High School Choirs are directed by Mr. Landon Gilmore and Mrs. Sunday Vaught. Thanks to GeNelle Willis, Janet Faulkner, and Kim Snell who accompanied these students on piano.

Results by the Numbers

Numbers in parenthesis are the percentage increase/decrease from last year.

Number of Performers: 62 (+15%)
Solo Completion Rate: 84% (+23 percentage points)
Number of State Qualifying Solos: 27 (+12.5%)
Solo Entries by Difficulty
Class 1 (Hardest): 31 entries, 50% of total
Class 2: 22 entries, 35% of total
Class 3: 9 entries, 15% of total

Individual Results

First Division (Superior) Ratings (41)
BOLD Advances to State (27)

Bridges, Sarah (9)
Brimley, Daron (9)
Clough, Royce (9)
Coffman, Rebekah (10)
Cortese, Joseph (11)
Daniels, Gabrielle (10)
Dietrick, Nicholas (12)
Duron, Alexa (12)
Edwards, Jessica (11)
English, Isaiah (9)
Esquivel, Cristian (10)
Faught, Nolan (11)
Flores, Lileanna (10)
Floyd, Micah (10)
Fox, Storm (12)
Garza, Michael (12)
Glassford, Rae (12)
Hill, Jarrett (9)
Hunt, Cameron (10)
Knoff, Anna (11)
Leyrer, Miles (12)
Loika, Kynison (10)
Luna, Catarino (9)
Macias, Ingrid (10)
Mackey, Kertron (12)
Martin, Kinley (9)
Martinez, Deja (10)
Medina, Mariapia (11)
O'Neal, Delaney (10)
Oriano, Michael (11)
Perez, Andrea (12)
Rios, Analisa (9)
Rios, Jesse (10)
Rodriquez, Anessa (11)
Snead, Carly (10)
Stafford, Morgan (11)
Stevens, Sarah (10)
Trinidad, Nathan (11)
Tuggles, Andre (11)
Vaught, Lindy (11)
Ward, Vincent (9) 

Second Division (Excellent) Ratings (21)

AufderHeide, Madison (9)
Davis, Stephanie (12)
Espinosa, Jessica (10)
Feuge, Zachery (9)
Flores, Zoe (9)
Frentz, Elizabeth (9)
Garza, Rosa (9)
Grimmett, Jessica (10)
Henson, Russell (10)
Kirkland, Macye (10)
Leek, Jacqueline (9)
Livergood, Melissa (9)
Marsh, Zaynah (10)
McLaughlin, Addison (11)
Mireles, Alejandra (11)
Nixon, Tyana (11)
Oriano, Vanessa (10)
Powell, Taylor (9)
Quintela, Cheyenne (10)
Terry, Hannah (9)
Vetter, Josh (9)

Complete official results can be found here.


All-State Camp List

We highly encourage your student to attend an All-State Choir Camp. These camps greatly improve their competitiveness and preparation toward the All-Region & All-State Choir audition process. They will have a blast and be months ahead of the competition.

We have taken the time to compile a list of the camps that we are aware of, so that you can make an informed decision as to which camp best suits your family's summer schedule and budget. The spreadsheet containing all of the pertinent information can be found below or via this link.

Please be aware that even though most camps have a registration deadline the first or second week in June (most by 6/15), some of the camps are full by mid-February. Baylor, for example, opens registration on 2/2 and is usually full within the first week. By 2/11, there is usually aleady a waitlist. So, find a camp that sounds good and register ASAP.