Charms Office

Our organizational management system. This is our "choir brain". If the information in this system is missing or inaccurate, we will have many problems throughout the year. Please make every effort to keep everything in Charms accurate and up-to-date at all times.

A note about log-ins and passwords:

  • You will need the school code, CentralHSC, to enter the CHS Choir Public Area.
  • Once in the CHS Choir Public Area, you will want to enter your student's password to view their secure details.
  • For the very first log-in, the password defaults to their San Angelo ISD five-digit ID number, but only if they have already created their account. If not, go straight to the New Student Registration link (below) first. After the third week of school, all students will have been set up an account.
  • It will force you to create a new password. Please write this password down and share it with your family. The password must be available and memorable to both the student and the parents/guardians.
  • If the password is forgotten and there is an email address on-file, you can request an password change on the Charms log-in page.
  • In the event that this does not work, please contact a director to request a manual password reset. You will be able to log-in once using their ID number again, but you will then have to immediately create a new password.

NEW Student Registration

  • This is a special link to allow students and parents to log-in and create their Charms accounts for the first time. Once you are in the system, you must use the Parent/Student Login link (above) to get in to your account.

Charms Office - Parent/Student Login

  • Once logged-in, you can check fee & trip payments, account balances, update contact information, etc.
  • An account can also be generated for adult chaperones who make payments to go on any trips. For login details, contact us.

Charms Office - Teacher/Helper Login

  • This is only for the directors and special designated individuals with helper accounts.

Charms Help Videos