2018 Military Salute News, Follow-up

The Military Salute is next week! It is going to be GREAT!

A couple of final items/reminders…

Report Times on Monday

  • Solos/duets - Signup for an individual time block from 3:30 to 4:45.
  • Chorale - report at 4:45, eat dinner in gym after.
  • Bella Voce - report at 5:00, eat dinner in gym after.
  • Concert Ladies and Men’s Choir arrive at 5:15 to rehearse massed choir numbers from 5:30-6:15.
  • HarmoniCats will run their number as we transition from massed choir numbers to Concert Ladies/Men's Choir tech run-throughs.
  • Concert Ladies Orange rehearses their individual piece at 6:15, eat dinner in gym after.
  • Concert Ladies Blue rehearses their individual piece at 6:30, eat dinner in gym after.
  • Men’s Choir - rehearses their individual piece at 6:45, will eat dinner in gym between 6:15 and 6:30 with CLB.
  • Doors open for audience seating after 7:00pm, guests are encouraged to gather and wait in the gym/fellowship hall as the front doors will be locked until 7:00pm.
  • Show starts at 7:30!


Student will be performing in jeans and their choir polos. Out of respect for the church, our audience, and our veterans, please make sure students wear jeans without holes, shreds, etc. I realize these may be trendy, but if we can’t wear classy jeans, we’ll have to bump up to khaki slacks.

Men will need to tuck their shirt in and I strongly encourage the use of a belt. Also, everyone needs to wear closed-toe shoes for this. We will not be sticklers on colors of shoes for this performance unless they are severely distracting.

Parent Help

There is something for everyone to do. This event is a HUGE team effort on the part of the students, parents, and directors. We are still in dire need of parent help, especially student supervision.

PLEASE SIGN-UP NOW! We cannot organize an orderly and efficient event if everyone waits to jump-on at the last minute. We absolutely must have more parents in each class sign-up to supervise students during the concert. As stated before, you will still be able to see your child perform fully, 100%. As a matter of fact, we'll even save the best seats in the house for the people that sign-up to help!

Signing-up will take 30 seconds via this link:

Bake Sale

We kindly request donations of baked goods for the bake sale/reception and items for the Wall of Honor. Please bring these items to the church when you drop off your child for the dress rehearsal: cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, etc., all are welcome to be donated for the bake sale/reception.

You will sign-in that you brought something so fundraising credit can be shared with those who participate by bringing something.


One of the unique things we do is a “Wall of Honor” where we put up posters, pictures, uniforms, and other assorted memorabilia of relatives who have served in any branch of the armed forces throughout history. It is always neat to see stuff from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc. This is something that we ask each and every student and family to help contribute to, if you have a military history in your family.

This year, we plan to decorate the hallway of the reception area where we will gather to enjoy desserts, coffee, and tea after the concert. The space is limited and we want to make sure that we leave a spot for your items.

Please visit the following link to signup for a space:

Please have your student bring their items at their designated call time (above).

FINAL CALL: Submit Names of Deployed Family Members

One of our traditions at this concert is that we honor those family members currently deployed. We read their names aloud and place a yellow flower on the stage in their honor and in the prayer that they come home safely. For us to have enough flowers and a list prepared, we need to collect all names by Wednesday, October 31.

Submit a name here:

Reminder About Tickets

Students should have received tickets last week. This is a ticketed event. Everyone attending will need a ticket or will be free with military ID. The white tickets are $5 General Admission tickets. The yellow tickets are an invitation to an active duty/reserve/veteran service member to attend for free. The yellow ticket is not valid on its own - it just serves as invitation. For them to gain free admission, we ask that they come in their uniform and/or show their military ID. This is ONLY for people in the services. Family members, young children, etc., will still need to purchase a normal, white ticket. 

Money from ticket sales will be due by Tuesday, November 6 (the day after the concert). We need all money and/or unsold tickets returned in the same envelope.

These tickets serve as a way for students to raise money for their trips and future choir expenses. The only way students will receive fundraising credit is by selling tickets in advance. Any tickets sold at the door will go into the general fund.

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