2019 South Zone UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest

Some quick notes about UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest this weekend:

  1. Here is a link to the schedule for Saturday: Local Schedule. You will need to find your student’s name and the room number that they are scheduled to perform in.
  2. The contest will be held in the Carr Building at ASU (it used to be known as the EFA Building). This is the building where education classes and the department of visual and performing arts are housed. From Johnson Street: turn west onto Dena Drive. The road will bend to the left and then quickly back around to the right. The building on your right is the Carr Building. You may park in either of the parking lots near that building, except the black-top lot for faculty.
  3. Here is a link to a map of the contest location: Carr Building at ASU
  4. Dress professionally! You must make a quick, positive first-impression when you walk in the room to perform for your judge. Your initial presentation should be neat, clean, polished, and poised. Imagine that you are going in for a job interview. Dress to impress. Specifically, do not wear jeans or t-shirts, do not wear open-toed shoes, tennis shoes, or anything ripped, faded, or casual. Men should wear (AT A MINIMUM): slacks, dress shoes, a button-down collared shirt, tucked-in, and with a belt. A tie and jacket are good too, but not required. Ladies: you should dress modestly and pay close attention to skirt lengths and upper body covering.
  5. Students need to arrive at least 30-45 minutes prior to their scheduled performance time. Once they have performed, they are free to leave. A sequence of what needs to happen upon arriving follows:
    1. 45 minutes prior to performance time: check-in downstairs with Mr. Gilmore. I will be outside the Eldon Black Recital Hall, which is in the middle of the building down the north hallway.
    2. After checking-in, Mr. Gilmore will send you upstairs to warm-up with Mrs. Vaught. Make sure you have checked in with Mr. Gilmore first!
    3. Approximately 10 minutes before your performance time, you will come back to Mr. Gilmore to pick-up your BOOK and CRITIQUE SHEET. You will then go to your performance room.
    4. When it is time for you to perform, you will be called by the hall monitor and you will give your song book and critique sheet to the hall monitor or judge when you walk into the room.
  6. Results are posted about every hour or so in batches. You are welcome to send a text message with your name to Mr. Gilmore or Mrs. Vaught and we’ll let you know how you did so you don’t have to wait around for the results to post. All medals and critique sheets will be distributed in class on Monday.
  7. Parents CAN watch their child perform, but I would strongly encourage you to make sure that your child wants you in the room. Many students are unnerved by multiple people in the room and at the end of the day, our priority is for the students to be successful.

If you have questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to let us know, but please do so immediately. We will be very busy and hard-to-reach tomorrow and cell coverage at ASU is NOT GOOD!!! My cell phone number is (936) 348-8254. 

Thank you and good luck to everyone!

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