Amazing Grace

TONIGHT! At the Murphey Performance Hall. Tickets are discounted 50% (using the link below)!

Amazing Grace, the Broadway musical, is a solemn historical tale set to music with scenes in England, Africa and Barbados. The historical tale is about John Newton.

According to the play, Newton, a British mariner, was in the business of slave trading during the 1700s. At one point of the play, Mr. Newton himself became a slave in Africa when his ship was destroyed. But he survived with the aid of his friend, Thomas, who was also Mr. Newton's servant.

Newton eventually was rescued by his father and on his way back to England, when what occurred was a "perfect storm." Newton, who miraculously survived the "perfect storm", found God and became an abolitionist.

Mr. Newton began writing hymns in praise of God, including the famous hymn, Amazing Grace. The play will take you on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey through the life of Newton that leads to his writing song Amazing Grace. And intertwined within is a love story.

The reviews for this show are incredible!

So, what are you doing tonight? Come visit San Angelo’s treasure, the Murphey Performance Hall, and take in a Broadway musical all for half price!

Purchase Any Seat for 1/2 Price!!!


San Angelo Central High School Music Signing Night

On Friday, April 20th, the CHS Music Department is working together to put on a "Signing Night" for our seniors going to college and receiving music scholarships. The reception will begin at 6:30pm in the band/orchestra hall located in the Sousa Building at CHS. The event should last about an hour. We will hopefully have some college representatives present and we will have some light refreshments. We will take pictures for the local news outlets and we are working on having one of the local TV stations here.

Your help is requested so that we can compile a list of all students receiving a music scholarship from the college they plan to attend. We will try to extend invitations to those college programs to send a representative to the signing night.


We must have this completed BEFORE Friday, April 6, so that we can plan this event and send invitations to the college representatives.

On the form: please make sure to fill it out completely and accurately. The current plan is to recognize all students receiving any sort of music-related scholarships and then to have a special signing ceremony for those students attending college to major in music and that are receiving a scholarship for that. Thank you for your help with this.


2018 Spring Tour: Virtual Trip Meeting and Required Documents

Hello there, Galveston trip people!

We normally have a face-to-face trip meeting that lasts about an hour, but I decided to try something new this year: an online "virtual" trip meeting. I'm hopeful that it will save us all time and allow us to get all of the information at the pace that we can manage. Please keep in mind that it must be completed prior to Friday, get on it early. Here is the link to the online trip meeting:

You will need to create a free account (or you may login with an existing Google account). Doing so will allow you to save your progress (in case you can't watch the video in one sitting) and will allow me to make sure that everyone has attended the meeting. The video must be viewed completely by 11:59 PM on Thursday evening. If you do not complete this, you will not be allowed to go on the trip. Get started on this early and get it knocked out. The video is about 30 minutes and it will save your progress if you get interrupted. STUDENTS: Make sure you have at least one parent or guardian watch this with you.

Second, all of the documents referenced in the video will be printed and distributed in classes on Monday; however, you may view and print them yourself via Dropbox. Here's that link:

Everything else should be covered in the video and the documents linked in this video. DO NOT WAIT until the last minute on this stuff. We will leave you home if you don't meet these deadlines:

  • Trip meeting COMPLETED prior to 11:59 PM on Thursday.
  • All trip documents RETURNED by class time on Friday.

Thanks for your help with this. Don't hesitate to email me if you have questions on any of this...just don't wait until the last minute. We're looking forward to a great trip!


2018 Summer Choral Programs

We highly encourage your student to attend an All-State Choir Camp. These camps greatly improve their competitiveness and preparation toward the All-Region & All-State Choir audition process. They will have a blast and be months ahead of the competition. The workshops that we host locally are NOT a substitute for the time and intensive training that happens at one of these camps. If your student is serious about competing in the all-state choir auditions next year, then they cannot afford not to go to one of these camps.

The camps for this summer (which will be over next year's music) are already taking registrations. We have taken the time to compile a list of the camps that we are aware of, so that you can make an informed decision as to which camp best suits your family's summer schedule and budget. The spreadsheet containing all of the pertinent information can be found via this link.

Please be aware that even though most camps have a registration deadline the first or second week in June (most by 6/15), some of the camps are full by mid-February. Baylor University, for example, is usually full within the first few HOURS of registration. So, find a camp that sounds good and register ASAP.

Keep in mind that our booster club offers a couple of scholarships each year to students who excel in the all-state process and demonstrate dedication to advancing their skills. You will need to go ahead and register and put down the deposit on your own.


2018 Central's Got Talent Audition Results

We want to congratulate everyone for auditioning. There were so many talented performers! The judging panel deliberated for hours in making their decision.

Congratulations to the following acts for making it into the talent show (in no particular order):

  • Forever Gayle (solo) 
  • Paige Harris (solo with guitar) 
  • Drew Eisenbach (solo) 
  • Autumn Pineda (solo)
  • Nick Martinez (dancing)
  • Aubrey Mollock (solo)
  • Josh Vetter, Everett Bailey, Alec Richey (band)
  • EC Holguin (electronic music)
  • Brianne Vargas (dancing)
  • Alec Richey & Analisa Rios (duet)
  • Makayla Haire (solo)
  • Alfredo Antu (comedy)
  • Jael McCullough (solo with piano)
  • Zoe Flores (solo)
  • Bryant Cobb (solo)
  • CJ Banda (solo)

The following individuals are on stand-by (in case an act folds or is found ineligible):

  • Gaige Martin (dancing)
  • Chrystian Fleming (solo with ukulele) 

Everyone will need to confirm their acceptance in the talent show by signing up for a tech rehearsal time slot. This needs to be done by 1pm Friday, January 19. Also, if you are using a recorded track, Mr. Gilmore needs an MP3 copy of it by 1pm on Friday, January 19.


"Merry and Bright" GAO Catalog Fundraiser

We'll be kicking off our next fundraiser in classes on Friday, November 3. There are many wonderful holiday items in the catalog. Please see the flyer (linked below) for more information about our kick-off event on Friday.

Be Prepared

Students: please bring a list of names and phone numbers to class on Friday of friends and family members who you will want to ask for help and are likely to support you in this fundraiser. You may need to ask your parents for help on this. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, family friends, neighbors, church friends, parents' co-workers, are all great places to start. As in everything, the effort you put into this fundraiser will determine what you get out of it.


  1. Fundraiser Flyer
  2. "Merry and Bright" Catalog PREVIEW

2017 Military Salute Show News #1

One of our BIG events and fundraisers is the Annual Military Salute. It's coming up on November 7. If you have not been, you will LOVE this event. It is going to be awesome but we need your help!

Each choir performs patriotic/inspirational musical selections, we feature several talented student soloists and small groups, the combined choirs perform a really cool multimedia presentation with the songs from each branch of the armed forces, we close with a multimedia presentation of God Bless the U.S.A. Additionally, we have a Wall of Honor, decorated with history-rich remembrances of family members from generations past and present who have served that we enjoy after the concert with complimentary coffee, tea, and desserts. All of this is a big "thank you" to our men and women in the armed forces and teaches our students to respect and appreciate those who serve. It is one of our favorite events each year. The concert will be at 7pm at First Presbyterian Church, San Angelo. We expect the concert to run about 70 minutes. As always, we will have dress rehearsals in the church after school for all groups. Please have your child reserve that entire afternoon for this event. They will also be fed before they perform.

Parent Meeting

Our booster club is having a general membership meeting on Monday, October 30, at 5:30pm in the CHS Choir Hall. Students will already be here enjoying the Halloween Social, so once that gets started the adults can step into the other room for a brief meeting. There are so many areas where your help is needed: decorations: food service, ushering, parking lot attendants, student supervision. Please come to this meeting to learn more about how the event works and to sign-up for a spot to help. No one will have to miss seing their child perform! Please sign-up for an area to help out here, especially if you are unable to attend the meeting on Monday:


This is a ticketed event. Everyone attending will need a ticket or will be free with military ID. Students will be sent home with tickets later this week. They are receiving a very small initial number of tickets to ensure that we don't oversell the sanctuary at First Presbyterian. The white tickets are $5 General Admission tickets. The yellow tickets are an invitation to an active duty/reserve/veteran service member to attend for free. The yellow ticket is not valid on its own - it's just to help us have a headcount. For them to gain free admission, we ask that they come in their uniform and/or show their military ID. This is ONLY for people in the services. Family members, young children, etc., will still need to purchase a normal, white ticket.

This first round of ticket sales will be due on or before Wednesday, Nov. 1. We need all money and/or unsold tickets returned in the same envelope they were issued. Once those are returned, we will be able to distribute more tickets on Thursday.

These tickets serve as a way for students to raise money for their trips and future choir expenses. The only way students will receive fundraising credit is by selling tickets in advance. Any tickets sold at the door will go into the general fund.

Submit Names of Deployed Family Members 

One of our traditions at this concert is that we honor those family members currently deployed. We read their names aloud and place a yellow flower on the stage in their honor and in the prayer that they come home safely. For us to have enough flowers donated, we need to collect all names by Monday, October 30. Submit a name here:

Signup for Wall of Honor Space 

Another tradition is our Wall of Honor. We decorate a hallway with posters, uniforms, pictures, helmets, and other memorabilia of everyone's family members who are or have served in the military. We've had stuff from the Civil War, World War I, etc. It is really neat and a special way to honor the memory of those who have given so much for our peace, security, and freedom.

This year, we plan to decorate the hallway of the reception area where we will gather to enjoy desserts, coffee, and tea after the concert. The space is limited and we want to make sure that we leave a spot for your items. Please visit the following link to signup for a space:

Thank You

Look for more information to be posted on the website and emailed home soon.


Real Men Sing Event Details

We have the rare opportunity to participate in a FREE regional workshop and concert that's designed to encourage and promote life-long singing for guys. The students will spend the day learning music and attending workshops with STORM FRONT (2014 International Barbershop Harmony Society Champion Quartet) along with other male singers from around our part of the state.


Who: All men in the CHS Choir Program
When: Leave CHS at 7am, concert is at 4pm, return around 8:30pm
Where: Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center in Midland
Cost: FREE

Students will need to wear comfortable school-appropriate clothing for the rehearsals and workshops. The performance at 4pm will be in tuxedos. Students should be bringing their tuxes back to school this week, so they will only need to remember to bring black shoes and socks on the day of the event.

This event has been listed on the paper calendar and the web calendar since the beginning of school. If you have a school-releated conflict, please fill out a conflict form immediately.

Parent Help

Also, we are still in need of at least one parent chaperone to come with us. Please email me if you are interested and available. Thank you.

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