"Merry and Bright" GAO Catalog Fundraiser

We'll be kicking off our next fundraiser in classes on Friday, November 3. There are many wonderful holiday items in the catalog. Please see the flyer (linked below) for more information about our kick-off event on Friday.

Be Prepared

Students: please bring a list of names and phone numbers to class on Friday of friends and family members who you will want to ask for help and are likely to support you in this fundraiser. You may need to ask your parents for help on this. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, family friends, neighbors, church friends, parents' co-workers, are all great places to start. As in everything, the effort you put into this fundraiser will determine what you get out of it.


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2017 Military Salute Show News #1

One of our BIG events and fundraisers is the Annual Military Salute. It's coming up on November 7. If you have not been, you will LOVE this event. It is going to be awesome but we need your help!

Each choir performs patriotic/inspirational musical selections, we feature several talented student soloists and small groups, the combined choirs perform a really cool multimedia presentation with the songs from each branch of the armed forces, we close with a multimedia presentation of God Bless the U.S.A. Additionally, we have a Wall of Honor, decorated with history-rich remembrances of family members from generations past and present who have served that we enjoy after the concert with complimentary coffee, tea, and desserts. All of this is a big "thank you" to our men and women in the armed forces and teaches our students to respect and appreciate those who serve. It is one of our favorite events each year. The concert will be at 7pm at First Presbyterian Church, San Angelo. We expect the concert to run about 70 minutes. As always, we will have dress rehearsals in the church after school for all groups. Please have your child reserve that entire afternoon for this event. They will also be fed before they perform.

Parent Meeting

Our booster club is having a general membership meeting on Monday, October 30, at 5:30pm in the CHS Choir Hall. Students will already be here enjoying the Halloween Social, so once that gets started the adults can step into the other room for a brief meeting. There are so many areas where your help is needed: decorations: food service, ushering, parking lot attendants, student supervision. Please come to this meeting to learn more about how the event works and to sign-up for a spot to help. No one will have to miss seing their child perform! Please sign-up for an area to help out here, especially if you are unable to attend the meeting on Monday:


This is a ticketed event. Everyone attending will need a ticket or will be free with military ID. Students will be sent home with tickets later this week. They are receiving a very small initial number of tickets to ensure that we don't oversell the sanctuary at First Presbyterian. The white tickets are $5 General Admission tickets. The yellow tickets are an invitation to an active duty/reserve/veteran service member to attend for free. The yellow ticket is not valid on its own - it's just to help us have a headcount. For them to gain free admission, we ask that they come in their uniform and/or show their military ID. This is ONLY for people in the services. Family members, young children, etc., will still need to purchase a normal, white ticket.

This first round of ticket sales will be due on or before Wednesday, Nov. 1. We need all money and/or unsold tickets returned in the same envelope they were issued. Once those are returned, we will be able to distribute more tickets on Thursday.

These tickets serve as a way for students to raise money for their trips and future choir expenses. The only way students will receive fundraising credit is by selling tickets in advance. Any tickets sold at the door will go into the general fund.

Submit Names of Deployed Family Members 

One of our traditions at this concert is that we honor those family members currently deployed. We read their names aloud and place a yellow flower on the stage in their honor and in the prayer that they come home safely. For us to have enough flowers donated, we need to collect all names by Monday, October 30. Submit a name here:

Signup for Wall of Honor Space 

Another tradition is our Wall of Honor. We decorate a hallway with posters, uniforms, pictures, helmets, and other memorabilia of everyone's family members who are or have served in the military. We've had stuff from the Civil War, World War I, etc. It is really neat and a special way to honor the memory of those who have given so much for our peace, security, and freedom.

This year, we plan to decorate the hallway of the reception area where we will gather to enjoy desserts, coffee, and tea after the concert. The space is limited and we want to make sure that we leave a spot for your items. Please visit the following link to signup for a space:

Thank You

Look for more information to be posted on the website and emailed home soon.


Real Men Sing Event Details

We have the rare opportunity to participate in a FREE regional workshop and concert that's designed to encourage and promote life-long singing for guys. The students will spend the day learning music and attending workshops with STORM FRONT (2014 International Barbershop Harmony Society Champion Quartet) along with other male singers from around our part of the state.


Who: All men in the CHS Choir Program
When: Leave CHS at 7am, concert is at 4pm, return around 8:30pm
Where: Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center in Midland
Cost: FREE

Students will need to wear comfortable school-appropriate clothing for the rehearsals and workshops. The performance at 4pm will be in tuxedos. Students should be bringing their tuxes back to school this week, so they will only need to remember to bring black shoes and socks on the day of the event.

This event has been listed on the paper calendar and the web calendar since the beginning of school. If you have a school-releated conflict, please fill out a conflict form immediately.

Parent Help

Also, we are still in need of at least one parent chaperone to come with us. Please email me if you are interested and available. Thank you.


2017-2018 High School Region Choir Audition Results

Members of the Central High School Choir who competed in the HS Region Choir Auditions.This past week, over 50 students from Central High School traveled to Permian High School in Odessa, Texas, to compete in the TMEA Region 6 High School Region Choir Auditions. The auditions were the culmination of months of hard work and intense preparation by the students and directors involved in the competition. Central High School had a very successful day with 22 students earning a spot in one of the two high school region honor choirs, and 14 of those students advancing to the next round of competition in November. With this recent success, the Central High School Choir Department has set a new local record for number of students auditioning, number of students placing in a region choir, and number of students advancing to future competition.

Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA)The Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) sponsors the Texas All-State audition process to promote students' dedication to their musical knowledge and skill and to encourage TMEA member directors to support their students in this development.

All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive. Over 1,700 students are selected through a process that begins with over 64,000 students from around the state vying for this honor to perform in one of 15 ensembles (bands, orchestras, and choirs). This competitive process begins throughout the state in auditions hosted by 33 TMEA Regions. Individual musicians perform selected music for a panel of judges who rank each instrument or voice part. From this ranking, a select group of musicians advance from their region to compete against musicians from other regions in seven TMEA Area competitions. The highest-ranking musicians judged at the TMEA Area competitions qualify to perform in a TMEA All-State music group. These All-State students participate in three days of rehearsals directed by nationally recognized conductors during the annual TMEA Clinic and Convention. Their performances before thousands of attendees bring this extraordinary event to a close.

The All-State audition process for high school choir students leads ultimately to qualification in one of four All-State Choirs that perform at the annual TMEA Clinic/Convention: Treble Choir, Tenor-Bass Choir, Mixed Choir and a Small School Mixed Choir.

Results for San Angelo Central High School Choir

Soprano 1:
  • Shaylee Caudle - Mixed Choir (13th chair, 1st alternate to Pre-Area)
  • Makayla Haire - Treble Choir
  • Zoe Flores - Treble Choir
  • Camille Faught - Treble Choir
  • Andrea Thompson - Treble Choir
Soprano 2:
  • Analisa Rios - Mixed Choir (6th chair, advances to Pre-Area)
  • Gloria Treviño - Treble Choir
Alto 1:
  • Leighann Sweet - Mixed Choir (2nd chair, advances to Pre-Area)
  • Drew Eisenbach - Mixed Choir (11th chair, advances to Pre-Area)
  • Lilli Bright - Treble Choir
Alto 2:
  • Taylor Powell - Mixed Choir (4th chair, advances to Pre-Area)
  • Bethany Wheeler - Mixed Choir (5th chair, advances to Pre-Area)
  • Christa Carroll - Mixed Choir (12th chair, advances to Pre-Area)
  • Leilani Herrera - Treble Choir
Tenor 1:
  • Vincent Ward - Mixed Choir (12th chair, 2nd alternate to Pre-Area)
Tenor 2:
  • Kaden Wright - Mixed Choir (3rd chair, advances to Pre-Area)
  • Alec Richey - Mixed Choir (11th chair, 1st alternate to Pre-Area)
  • CJ Banda - Mixed Choir (12th chair, 2nd alternate to Pre-Area)
  • Vinh Dinh - Mixed Choir (1st alternate)
Bass 1:
  • Bryant Cobb - Mixed Choir (2nd chair, advances to Pre-Area)
  • Brandon Medina - Mixed Choir (7th chair, advances to Pre-Area)
Bass 2:
  • Pete Mireles - Mixed Choir (11th chair, 1st alternate to Pre-Area)

Congratulations to all of these students for their hard work. You will be able to hear the TMEA Region 6 High School Honor Choirs in concert on Saturday, November 4, at Permian High School in Odessa, Texas.


Fall Concert Wrap-Up

Thank you all for a wonderfully smooth fall concert. It was a short one, but all the groups are off to a great start. Mrs. Vaught and I both thank you for getting the students there on-time and in-uniform. In our normal fashion, it's full speed ahead toward the next big events and we have some more deadlines approaching. Please take a moment to skim this message for the areas that apply to you and your student, then read those areas that apply very closely. Thank you!

Uniform Return

We made the decision this year to have students return their uniforms after each concert. We have had major problems in the past with students losing their uniforms, getting them mixed up with other students, leaving them wadded up in their closet, trying to wash them in washers and dryers, and students moving out of the school district and not returning their uniform. It will be much easier to schedule picture days and to do run-out performances if their uniforms are here. We will take a grade on the timely return of the uniforms. The good news is, is that this is an EASY grade boost for students. We are asking that all uniforms be brought back during their class time before next Friday (Oct. 13). Please make sure to follow this procedure when returning uniforms:

  • Please do not bring them before school or during 1st period. Any time after that is acceptable. Directors will be visiting middle schools over the next couple of weeks and we are likely to not be in the choir hall until the end of 1st period.
  • All parts of your uniform must be together, hung-up, and with your name on it.
  • Please make sure that uniforms are returned in a bag of some kind that does not wrinkle or damage the uniform. You may use a garment bag, dry cleaner's bag, trash bag, etc.
  • Students will bring in their uniform, present it to a teacher who will inspect and mark the return of the uniform off a list, and then have the student hang their uniform up on the correct hanging rack.

Sponsor Card Fundraiser

We are needing to close-out our sponsor card fundraiser so that we begin on our next fundraiser as soon as possible. If you have not already turned-in the proceeds from sponsorships, the unsold cards, or the complete combination of the above, we need to receive that immediately. We're asking that those be brought back no later than Wednesday, October 11. Please remember that students are responsible for returning any unsold cards and/or paying for any lost cards.

Corpus Christi Trip - 1st Payment Past Due

The payment plan for everyone going on the trip is that $80 is due by the first of each month until the trip is paid off. Everyone's first monhtly payment of $80 is now past due. Because of the fall concert and the weekend, we are giving everyone an extension of a week. Please get this caught-up by Wednesday, October 11. After that date, students who are still behind may be moved to the waitlist or removed from the trip completely.

9th Grade Region Choir Entries

Congratulations to all who auditioned this past weekend at the high school region choir auditons. For those 9th graders who did not make the cut or those 9th graders who decided to wait and only audition for this competition, they have the option of auditioning for the 9th Grade/Middle School Region Choir. We must submit our entries this week. That is a hard deadline. The entry fee is only $10 and if they went and auditioned this past Saturday, we will waive that audition fee for them. If this is their first competition or if they did not follow-through on the auditions last week, they will be responsibe for a new $10 entry fee for this competition.

Real Men Sing!

We have a rare and unique opportunity for the young men of west Texas to practice and perform with an international championship barbershop quartet. All men in the choir program will go to Midland next Saturday (10/14) to rehearse and present a concert with other young men and adults from around this part of the state. This is a required event for all men in choir (Men's Choir and Chorale). If a student has a conflict, they need to complete a conflict form immediately. This will not automatically excuse them, but we can begin a dialog about potential alternate assignments. This event will be at no cost to the students. We will leave San Angelo at 7am and will return around 8:30 or 9pm. We will also need at least one adult chaperone to attend.

The Next Big Thing: Annual Military Salute

Our next performance as an entire department will be on Tuesday, November 7, at First Presbyterian Church. This is one of our awesome annual traditions that draws a huge crowd and salutes our military and veterans with patriotic and inspirational music. We'll be sharing more news about this with you very soon.


Fall Concert Reminders

It’s here! Our first concert of the year is this Monday, October 2, at Holy Angels Church. Holy Angels is located at 2309 South A&M Ave. It is the large building at the intersection of South A&M Avenue and Sac Avenue (just south of the area between HEB and ASU).

All choir students are required to be in attendance, on time, in the correct uniform, perform with their group, and stay for the entirety of the concert. Each of those elements is an evaluated component of this major grade and a requirement to earn credit for this performance-based course. We need your help to work out any conflicts so that all of the students can be present and on-time to their group’s scheduled dress rehearsal. Students who miss a dress rehearsal run the risk of not being allowed to perform with their group.


The concert will start for the public at 7:30pm, but the groups have the following report times for roll call and dress rehearsal (promptness is graded HEAVILY - arrive early): 

HarmoniCats - 5:00pm
Chorale - 5:30
Men’s Choir & Bella Voce - 6:00 (arrive in uniform)
Concert Ladies - 6:20 (arrive in uniform)
Combined Rehearsal for All Students - 6:40 (in uniform)
Doors open for audience seating shortly after 7:00pm

Remember, as musicians and young performers, we do not miss a dress rehearsal. Students who have earlier call times (HarmoniCats and Chorale) will be given time to change clothes and use the restroom prior to the start of the concert, those students need only arrive with their pants and shirts (or dress) on or have it with them to change into.


Students: when you arrive for your call time, you will go directly to your class’s assigned seating (there will be signs on the chairs) and sign-in/clock-in with one of your class representatives (we are recording the time for grading purposes). Also, students, we sit together, as a class, for the entirety of the concert. We also turn our phones in to a booster parent or section leader at 7:00pm and they remain there until the concert is over. This may be a change from what you are used to at middle school concerts. Lastly, students, please use the bathrooms nearest where we sit, not where our audience enters from.

PARKING/ENTRANCES: Students should park and enter the church from the doors closest to Sac Avenue. Parents and audience members will need to enter from the doors closest to South A&M Avenue.

We will open the sanctuary doors for seating as soon as possible after 7pm, but no earlier than 7pm. We have a combined rehearsal prior to that time and may need to go a few minutes longer, so we ask that all parents and audience members wait patiently outside or in the foyer until a booster club officer or director opens the doors for audience seating. Please do not attempt to sneak in or push open an unguarded door. We will make it abundantly clear when you are welcome to enter the sanctuary. Observing this request is crucial for the successful preparation of the choirs for their performance that evening. Also, we ask that upon entering the sanctuary of the church you keep the noise level down as much as possible and deposit any food or drink in a trash receptacle outside of the sanctuary. There is no food or drink allowed in the sanctuary. Also, please do not allow children to play in the baptismal font located near the entrance. This is off limits to us; it is very disrespectful for someone to play with.

What to Wear

We will wear our formal choir uniforms. Everyone needs to make sure you have SOLID black shoes (and socks for boys). Men will check out a tie when they arrive to the concert and are required to return their tie immediately after the concert.

For complete information on what to wear and the dress code, please see Chapter 6, Subchapter B (pages 20-22) of our choir handbook (which can be found under Documents/Forms > Documents > Handbook & Syllabus on our website). Students not in uniform will not be allowed to perform at the concert - this includes students in shoes or socks that are not solid black.

Help Needed

We always need a bit of help from parents and students before each concert to setup the risers and clear the platform at the church before the rehearsals begin that afternoon. If you would be willing to help us with that, please send me an email or text message and let me know that we can count on you. We will meet at the church at 4:45 PM. If we have a lot of hands it only takes about 15 minutes.

Thank you for your attention to these details. As always, please email Mrs. Vaught or me with any questions and we will do our best to help you. 

We are SO PROUD of these students and all of their hard work. I hope you will be proud of them too. They are a delight to work with each day. See you next week!


Abilene Christian University Region Choir Workshop

For the first time, we will be taking all interested students to a day-long workshop to put the final, polishing touches on the high school region choir audition music. This is a fantastic opportunity to take a last look at the music as a group and get a week-early preview of the competition the students will face at the actual auditions.


Who: Any students auditioning for high school region.
When: Saturday, September 23. We'll leave San Angelo by 7am and return by 6pm.
Where: Abilene Christian University
Cost: $25 per participant, and maybe a few extra bucks for a snack or ice cream on the way home.
What to Wear: Comfortable, school-appropriate clothing, preferably some sort of CHS Choir shirt and jeans or shorts (that are of appropriate length).
Parents: Want to go and spectate? You are most welcome to come. There may not be much for you to do, however. There will be a brief performance at the end of the day (3:30pm) that parents are welcome to attend.


Step One: Complete the registration form by 1pm on Wednesday, September 20 (late registrations will not be accepted).

Step Two: Bring your $25 for the workshop to school by Wednesday.

Step Three: Bring a completed/signed ACU Permission/Waiver Form.

Other Stuff

The school will cover the cost of transportation for students, but each participant will need to pay $25. This payment will cover the cost of lunch and snacks provided by ACU. We will pay with one check from CHS to ACU, so please send the payment of $25 to CHS Choir and indicate that it is for the ACU Region Choir Workshop.

Here is the Google Form to collect our CHS Registrations: The registration deadline is 1pm on Wednesday, September 20. That is a HARD DEADLINE.

DO NOT register via the ACU webpage. We will send in one group registration. This is important to ensure that we collect and pay the correct amount.

For more information, feel free to look at the ACU webpage:

Again, DO NOT register via the ACU webpage.


National Anthem Performance at Homecoming Football Game

We are excited to have the opportunity to perform the national anthem at this week's varsity football game. Also, it's HOMECOMING! This is a big deal and a big audience, so we need to bring our "A game".

I'll go over the details for everyone (what to wear, where to be, when to be there), and then offer a brief "frequently asked questions" section.


Who: EVERYONE enrolled in a choir class at CHS or CFC
What: Performing the National Anthem at the Homecoming Varsity Football Game
When: 5:45 to 7:30pm on Friday, September 15
Where: San Angelo Stadium
What to Wear: Blue-ish denim jeans and blue choir polos. Men will tuck in their shirts, preferably with a belt. Please refrain from wearing jeans with excessive holes, rips, or tears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a requirement?

Yes. This is for a major grade for all students. Students will be graded on: arriving on-time, arriving in-uniform, and performance/behavior for the duration of the event. Students not in uniform or who arrive late without a pre-approved excuse will not be allowed to perform and will have to complete an alternate assignment. Trust us, you do not want to have to do the alternate assignment. Any students who have a conflict or are required to be with another group that night should have completed a conflict form by now so that we can work out the details with the sponsors of the other activities.

What if we are involved in another school activity that night?

As stated in class and above, step one is to fill out a conflict form IMMEDIATELY. If you are in Tex-Anns, Football, Cheer, Band, ROTC, etc., and are required to be in their uniform for the evening, you will wear their uniform onto the field to perform with us.

What time should parents arrive to be able to watch the students perform?

The gates to the stadium are supposed to open at 6:15. The game kicks-off around 7:30. The anthem will be performed sometime between 7:00 and 7:30. It is recommended that parents be in the stadium and finding a seat by 7:00pm to be able to watch the pre-game activities, during which the performance of the national anthem takes place. If the schedule is the same as in previous years, the anthem is performed around 7:13pm.

[Students] Do we have to pay to enter the game?

No. If you arrive at the designated gate and in the uniform for the evening, you will be granted admission for free. You must go up into the stands after performing if you wish to stay. If you leave the stadium and change clothes, they will not let you back in without a ticket. They won't know who you are.

[Students] Where should we park? From what gate should we enter?

I have indicated on the following linked map an ideal location, but you are free to park where you wish. Regardless of where you park, you will need to enter from the gate indicated on the following map:

Can we wear our garters/mums/etc. to perform?

Absolutely. As long as it does not interfere with our performance (making noise or blinking lights), you may wear it to perform. If not, take it off and leave it with a parent before we enter the field and put it back on as soon as we are done.

Do we have to stay for the entire game?

No. I hope you will want to stay to support our Bobcat Football team, but once we have performed, students are free to go. They may stay and watch the game or leave to go elsewhere. Parents will want to be clear on what their students' plans are. Once the football game starts at 7:30, the choir directors will not be supervising or responsible for the students.

The choir calendar listed a possible performance at a game in October, too. Is that still happening?

No. This will take the place of that performance. We listed both dates on the paper calendar sent home the first week of school because we were still waiting on the official word on which date it would be. It was a decision of which one, we were not ever planning on doing both.

A Note About Student Behavior

While you are in uniform, you are a representative of yourself, your family, the choir department, the school, the school district, etc. Please be on your best behavior. Do not use inappropriate language or engage in any prohibited activities. You have the added responsibility of showing respect to our flag, our nation, its leaders, and our veterans any time you perform the national anthem.

We take great pride in representing CHS with class and integrity. Students who cannot live up to that standard while represnting our department will face disciplinary action and may be removed from the choir program.

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