2019 Summer News Bulletin

Thank you for a wonderful year together! We hope that you will stay in touch with us over the summer for important news and reminders. We hope to have information ready about convocation by this time next week. Check back here and via email for that announcement.

Stay Connected

Here are the many ways you can stay connected with everything going on with the Bobcat Choirs:

  1. Our website -
  2. Remind text messages - instructions here
  3. Emails via Charms - make sure your email addresses are up-to-date

UIL State Solo & Ensemble Contest Results

Congratulations to all of our Central High School musicians who competed this Memorial Day weekend at the UIL State Solo & Ensemble Contest at the University of Texas in Austin. 33 students from the Central High School Choirs qualified and competed at the state-level contest on June 3. CHS Choir students took home 11 gold medals, 16 silver medals, and 2 Outstanding Performer Awards.

Sic ‘em, Cats!

2020 All-State Choir Audition Music Orders

If you would like to order your copy of the All-State audition music for this year, please place your orders ASAP with J.W. Pepper or Pender's. As a choir department we will only be ordering the region choir music sets once those are decided upon in late July.

Make sure you order a large-school packet. You can order a women's packet, a men's packet, or complete director's packet (all titles from both men and women's packets).

Order your music here: J.W. Pepper or Pender's

2019-2020 Choir Placements

We hope that each student will see the auditions as a learning opportunity. It is always a difficult process to determine the right placement for each individual student and to balance that with the needs of each group and the program as a whole.

A number of factors go into determining each student’s placement; it is not based solely upon a 10-minute audition: vocal quality and development, intonation, aural skill, sight-reading ability, maturity, academic eligibility, classroom discipline, attendance patterns, involvement in extracurricular elements of the program, etc. Many students have excellent abilities, but we are unable to advance or keep them because of their grades in other classes...academic eligibility is BIG.

We try to look at the complete picture in determining where the student will be able to be successful and to which group's success they will be able to most effectively contribute.

That being said, every group next year is going to be AWESOME! You will have a blast! Together, we will all reach new heights of achievement and success.

PLEASE click the link below, read everything carefully, and follow all instructions on the form. Make absolutely certain that you are subscribed to the REMIND updates. We have to be able to communicate with you over the summer, especially officers and HarmoniCats members.

2019-2020 Choir Placement Results

Congratulations to all!


Weekly Newsletters

We will now be using regular weekly newsletters to convey news and reminders. A link to our profile on Smore (where those newsletters will come from) follows:


CHS Choir News: Early March, 2019

We're on the last leg before spring break! Woohoo!

A couple of important news items and reminders for our choir families as we near the end of the 3rd Nine-Weeks:


We'll begin our last fundraiser on March 5. Students will be taking orders for Texas Value Cards. Many restaurants and businesses have partnered to provide the community with a collection of great deals. These cards sell for $20 and the students receive 50% profit. We will have the students take orders for the cards through spring break and have the order form turn-in immediately after spring break.

Final trip balances will be computed after this fundraiser completes and the remaining balance due for each student going on the Orlando trip will be due on April 1.


This event is like our STAAR test for choir. The students and directors of each choir class work toward this goal all year long. It is so important and it is judged to the highest of standards. Every musician in every group is ESSENTIAL. One of the rules is that every student must be academically eligible to be able to go and perform. This Friday is the end of the 3rd Nine-Weeks. If a student is passing all their classes at that time, they will remain academically eligible for the rest of the school year! That's a great target to hit! PLEASE, help keep your child accountable on their grades. Have them turn-in missing assignments, go in for tutoring, make every effort to get those grades up before spring break!

The dates of this evaluation are Wednesday and Thursday, April 17-18. This will be a school day trip to Midland for all students. These dates were secured, with judges and venues contracted around this time last year. We have given all students a calendar with these dates on it since the beginning of school. Please continue to hold BOTH dates until we find out which day (of the two) our groups will be scheduled to perform on. Thank you for your help with honoring this important evaluation/performance and keeping those dates clear for your student to honor their commitment to the group.

If you would be interested in going to hear the groups perform and serving as an adult chaperone on that trip, please send me an email before spring break.


It's already time for us to enter students who qualified for State UIL Solo Contest back in February. The contest is an overnight trip to Austin, June 2-3. I plan on entering every student who qualified based upon the results from the Regional UIL Solo Contest. If your student qualified for this event but is unable to attend, I need to know immediately. Once we have finalized entries, we are committing the school to a sizable financial expense. My goal is finalize entries by Friday, March 8.

We will be needing adult chaperones for this competition. Please send Mr. Gilmore an email if you would like to attend and serve as a chaperone. Please make sure to let me know before Friday, March 8.


2019 South Zone UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest

Some quick notes about UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest this weekend:

  1. Here is a link to the schedule for Saturday: Local Schedule. You will need to find your student’s name and the room number that they are scheduled to perform in.
  2. The contest will be held in the Carr Building at ASU (it used to be known as the EFA Building). This is the building where education classes and the department of visual and performing arts are housed. From Johnson Street: turn west onto Dena Drive. The road will bend to the left and then quickly back around to the right. The building on your right is the Carr Building. You may park in either of the parking lots near that building, except the black-top lot for faculty.
  3. Here is a link to a map of the contest location: Carr Building at ASU
  4. Dress professionally! You must make a quick, positive first-impression when you walk in the room to perform for your judge. Your initial presentation should be neat, clean, polished, and poised. Imagine that you are going in for a job interview. Dress to impress. Specifically, do not wear jeans or t-shirts, do not wear open-toed shoes, tennis shoes, or anything ripped, faded, or casual. Men should wear (AT A MINIMUM): slacks, dress shoes, a button-down collared shirt, tucked-in, and with a belt. A tie and jacket are good too, but not required. Ladies: you should dress modestly and pay close attention to skirt lengths and upper body covering.
  5. Students need to arrive at least 30-45 minutes prior to their scheduled performance time. Once they have performed, they are free to leave. A sequence of what needs to happen upon arriving follows:
    1. 45 minutes prior to performance time: check-in downstairs with Mr. Gilmore. I will be outside the Eldon Black Recital Hall, which is in the middle of the building down the north hallway.
    2. After checking-in, Mr. Gilmore will send you upstairs to warm-up with Mrs. Vaught. Make sure you have checked in with Mr. Gilmore first!
    3. Approximately 10 minutes before your performance time, you will come back to Mr. Gilmore to pick-up your BOOK and CRITIQUE SHEET. You will then go to your performance room.
    4. When it is time for you to perform, you will be called by the hall monitor and you will give your song book and critique sheet to the hall monitor or judge when you walk into the room.
  6. Results are posted about every hour or so in batches. You are welcome to send a text message with your name to Mr. Gilmore or Mrs. Vaught and we’ll let you know how you did so you don’t have to wait around for the results to post. All medals and critique sheets will be distributed in class on Monday.
  7. Parents CAN watch their child perform, but I would strongly encourage you to make sure that your child wants you in the room. Many students are unnerved by multiple people in the room and at the end of the day, our priority is for the students to be successful.

If you have questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to let us know, but please do so immediately. We will be very busy and hard-to-reach tomorrow and cell coverage at ASU is NOT GOOD!!! My cell phone number is (936) 348-8254. 

Thank you and good luck to everyone!


Central's Got Talent 2019

The Central Choirs are excited to present the annual "Central's Got Talent" talent show. The talent show presents auditioned acts from CFC and CHS. This show will feature some incredible acts and each choir will also be performing a song with costumes and choreography. It's a really fun show and a great evening of entertainment! 

The talent show also serves as fundraiser for the students in the choir department. Admission is $5 and we are only taking money at the door (no pre-selling of tickets this time). If you'll let your guests know to give the box office the name of your choir student, a large portion of the admission price will go toward your student's fundraising account. The more people that you invite and attend, the more money YOU please invite people!

Here are the details:
Thursday, January 24
7:00pm in the Sarah Bernhardt Theater at Central High School
$5 admission at the door with cash or check. SAISD Faculty and Staff may attend for free with their SAISD ID.

Choir Call Times:

  • HarmoniCats will practice at their normal time from 3:30-4:30.
  • Concert Ladies will need to arrive at 5:45 to rehearse their combined number.
  • All other choirs need to arrive by 6:15 and check-in in the theater.
  • Audience seating will begin at 6:30.


  • Men's Choir - choir tuxes (black shoes, socks, slacks, jacket, tie, and white shirt...NO VEST). We'll provide black sunglasses.
  • Chorale - FUN 80's stuff: bright solids or geometric patterns, headbands, preppy, etc.
  • Bella Voce - 60's style: dresses and skirts preferred.
  • Concert Ladies - black and burgundy, all of one color or a mix of the two, OR jeans with one of those colors on top.
  • HarmoniCats - 90's urban style. VERY bright colors, slightly baggy, but not too big, lots of denim. If unsure, get a bright, solid color t-shirt to wear with some denim jeans.


Christmas Concert

Whew! What a fast first semester! Our Christmas Concert is coming up on Monday, December 10, and here’s all the important info you need know.


Holy Angels Catholic Church (same location as the first concert in October)
2309 South A and M Ave

As before, we are asking that only students enter the church prior to 7:00pm and that they enter only from the northeast glass doors underneath the bell tower (all other entrances will be locked). The doors will open for audience seating after 7:00pm on the southeast corner of the building. 

Call Times

  • 4:15 - Chorale
  • 5:00 - Bella Voce
  • 5:20 - HarmoniCats
  • 5:40 - Men’s Choir
  • 6:00 - Concert Ladies (Combined)
  • 6:20 - Combined Choirs rehearse “Carol of the Bells” and “Night of Silence” 
  • 7:30 - Concert starts 


Student will be performing in tuxedos and dresses. Men: make sure you have BLACK socks. Ladies: please leave excessive jewelry at home. f you have questions about uniform, please consult our online handbook:

Parent Help

Parents: we need YOUR help! We are asking for at least one parent to sit with each class during the concert and help us monitor behavior. Students will not be on phones or allowed to talk, and will check-out after the concert, but only after everything is clean, put away, and everyone is ready to go home. If you can help us with this, please sign-up here as soon as possible:

Parents who signup to help will need to report to Mrs. Cobb (Booster Club President) to check-in and get your volunteer badge. It would be great if you could be there and sign-in by 6:30. This helps us know who is there to help and helps identify you to students and other guests that you are asking for their cooperation in an official capacity.


Military Salute Wrap-up

Thank you so much to everyone involved who helped make the Military Salute so successful. There were numerous parents who helped decorate, bake, supervise, sell tickets, feed kids, etc. We could not have done it without all of the wonderful parent help.

Thank you again to everyone who helped in anyway. It is so appreciated!!!


Pre-Area Round of All-State Choir Auditions

Good afternoon,

We are excited about the 9 students we have competing at the Pre-Area Round of the All-State Choir Auditions this Thursday in Abilene.

Students (and parents of students competing), please see the information in this PDF so that you are prepared for Thursday:

Good luck to everyone auditioning!