2017-2018 CHS Choir Placements

We hope that each student will see the auditions as a learning opportunity. It is always a difficult process to determine the right placement for each individual student and to balance that with the needs of each group and the program as a whole.

A number of factors go into determining each student’s placement; it is not based solely upon a 10-minute audition: vocal quality and development, intonation, aural skill, sight-reading ability, maturity, academic eligibility, classroom discipline, attendance patterns, involvement in extracurricular elements of the program, etc. Many students have excellent abilities, but we are unable to advance or keep them because of their grades in other classes. Academic eligibility is BIG.

We try to look at the complete picture in determining where the student will be able to be successful and to which group's success they will be able to most efficiently contribute.

That being said, every group next year is going to be AWESOME! You will have a blast, and together we will all reach new heights of achievement and success.

PLEASE click the link below, read everything carefully, and follow all instructions on the form. Make absolutely certain that you are subscribed to the REMIND updates. We have to be able to communicate with you over the summer, especially officers and HarmoniCats members.

Google Forms: 2017-2018 Choir Placements

Congratulations to all!


2017 San Angelo Singing Men

Join us for the first ever...

San Angelo Singing Men Event

ASU, CHS/CFC Choir Students, 8th Grade Choir Students from Glenn and Lee MS, Area Church Choir Members and Leaders, and the Twin Mountain Tonesmen are all invited! If you're in the San Angelo area and you can sing, WE WANT YOU!

We'll learn and perform two selections: "Rise Up, O Men of God" and "In the Good Old Summertime". A Sunday evening rehearsal over the music must be attended by all who wish to participate.

Rehearsal - Sunday, May 21, 7:30-9:00pm in the Central High School Choir Hall (map linked)
Dress Rehearsal - Monday, May 22, 5pm at Holy Angels Church
Performance - Monday, May 22, 7:30pm at Holy Angels Church

Link to recordings and sheet music to prepare prior to Sunday rehearsal:

Dress for concert will be black tuxedo OR black pants and solid black shirt.

We hope that this event will be a fun time of music-making and will help to build-up and encourage our community of younger male singers.


Financial Travel Notices

Don't forget to file a travel notice with your bank or credit card, so that your card is not declined when in New York. If you plan on just carrying cash, that's fine too, but make sure you have a way to keep it safe at all times. We cannot be responsible for lost cash.



Just checked the forecast for our trip and it's looking like it will be quite cold. Most days are in the low 30s and 40s, with one day in the 50s. Possibility of snow, too. Make sure you've got warm clothing that you can wear in layers. And don't forget to pack it! 


Guidebook Updates

We have added pictures and contact information for all of the chaperones going on the trip. After everyone finishes being assigned to family groups on Monday, I will update the list with all of the students' mobile phone numbers under their family leaders.

Over the next several days, I'll begin adding attraction information for you to use in planning your free morning and evening session outings.


Trip T-Shirts

Our trip t-shirts are being delivered Monday. We'll distribute them to students on Tuesday.

We will wear these for the first day on the trip, Friday, March 10.


2017 NYC Trip Information


2016 Military Salute Concert

Our Annual Military Salute Concert is a really neat event. We hope you will plan to join us.

Each choir performs patriotic/inspirational musical selections, we feature several talented student soloists and small groups, the combined choirs perform a really cool multimedia presentation with the songs from each branch of the armed forces, we close with a multimedia presentation of God Bless the U.S.A. Additionally, we have a Wall of Honor, decorated with history-rich remembrances of family members from generations past and present who have served that we enjoy after the concert with complimentary coffee, tea, and desserts. All of this is a big "thank you" to our men and women in the armed forces and teaches our students to respect and appreciate those who serve. It is one of our favorite events each year.

The concert will be at 7:30 PM at First Presbyterian Church, San Angelo. We expect the concert to run about 60-70 minutes with complimentary coffee, tea, and dessert to follow.


Students are being sent home with tickets today. They are receiving a very small number (2 red and 1 white) to ensure that we don't oversell the sanctuary at First Presbyterian. We only have room for about 400 guests. The red tickets are $5 General Admission tickets. The white is an invitation to an active duty/reserve/veteran service member to attend for free. That ticket is not valid on its own - it's just to help us have a headcount. For them to gain free admission, we ask that they come in their uniform and/or show their military ID. This is ONLY for people in the services. Family members, young children, etc., will still need to purchase a normal, red ticket.

This first round of ticket sales will be due on or before Wednesday, Nov. 2 (same day as our catalog fundraiser). We need all money and/or unsold tickets returned in the same envelope they received. Once those are returned, we will be able to distribute more tickets on Thursday.

These tickets serve as a way for students to raise money for their trips and future choir expenses. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a veteran's charity yet to be determined. The only way students will receive fundraising credit is by selling tickets in advance. Any tickets sold at the door will go into the general fund.

Submit Names of Deployed Family Members

One of our traditions at this concert is that we honor those family members currently deployed. We read their names aloud and place a yellow carnation on the stage in their honor and in the prayer that they come home safely. We need these names by Tuesday, Nov. 1. Have your student bring their information to class or submit a name here.

Signup for Wall of Honor Space

Another tradition is our Wall of Honor. We decorate a hallway with posters, uniforms, pictures, helmets, and other memorabilia of everyone's family members who are or have served in the military. We've had stuff from the Civil War, World War I, etc. It is really neat and a special way to honor the memory of those who have given so much for our peace, security, and freedom.

This year, we plan to decorate the hallway of the reception area where we will gather to enjoy desserts, coffee, and tea after the concert. The space is limited and we want to make sure that we leave a spot for your items. Please visit the following link to signup for a space:

Help Needed!

We need help with several areas of this event. We're using There are opportunities to donate items for the reception, to supervise kids during the concert, to help decorate, etc.

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:
1) Click this link to see our SignUp on
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on
Note: does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.